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The best online file storage is rather a tricky question to answer, and like everything around technology it really depends on what you want to use it for.  I have about 4 different online storage accounts with different amounts of storage space on offer and different facilities.  I want to be able to do things on the go, edit files, play audio, send attachments and store things for later use, easily on my phone, tablet or iPad. I also don’t want to pay for it!! I have been reviewing the different options on some of the biggest contenders.


Dropbox was the first file sharing I signed up for.  It seemed to offer everything, uploading pictures automatically from your phone or your computer.  Even offered a screenshot option which as a developer I loved the idea of.  But very quickly I ran out of space with only 2GB of space its one of the lowest available on the basic package, although you can earn additional space by inviting friends to join.  Maybe I shouldn’t mind paying but when other options are out there for free it makes it difficult for me to justify to myself to pay the £7.99 a month for the Terabyte of data.  So recently I have moved away from Dropbox.  I would love to hear from you on your thoughts on this.

Microsoft One Drive

Microsoft One Drive is my favourite right now, offering a larger storage space for the free account 15GB for the basic free account, with additional space available for camera roll and loyalty bonus available for those having been with Microsoft for a long time.  In addition to that those with an Office 365 subscription you get an additional 1Terabyte of space, which I think is pretty cool!!

Google Drive

I do love Google Drive too, with 15GB it was my favourite, the apps available on my phone, ability to share and collaborate easily with other people meant that this was very much my favourite, till recently as I am now running out of space.


I am currently using Microsoft One drive to store the majority of my files, anything big such as pictures and videos.  Google is still my preferred choice for day to day usage.  I would love to hear what your thoughts are.