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I have been using Google Calendar for a few years now, it came about because both myself and my partner having busy lives wanted an easy way to see what each other was doing especially great for co-ordinating evenings and weekends.  Reminders to I have used, allowing me to add tasks that I need to do without cluttering up my calendar.  Recently they have improved the reminder function which is made it even better.  Reminders now stay at the top of the calendar so they don’t get forgotten.  And one feature I particularly like is easily turning an email into a reminder task.  Its so easy to think you will come back to that email to respond to it when you have time and then forget about it, well with the reminder function you can mark the email as needing to be actioned and set a date by when you need to respond to the email by.  I also love the fact that you can set your reminders by talking, this is taking some getting used to, as somehow it seems easier to type.